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On the edges of Navi Mumbai, near Uran and Ulwe, on the JNPT Road, exists a residential area called Chirle. The availability of affordable plots in the neighbourhood is what drives residential demand there.

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Vindhane is a rising and developing suburb, and the property rates there are very high in that area, and we provides open land in that area.

Mumbai, India – March 07, 2018 - Mumbai Passengers travel by Mumbai local train. A junction, in the context of rail transport, is a place at which two or more rail routes converge or diverge. This implies a physical connection between the tracks of the two routes (assuming they are of the same gauge), The Indian rail network covers 75,000 miles and carries an estimated 23 million passengers each day.

Ranjan pada is a railway station proposed in raigad district of navi Mumbai Maharashtra. This is a route that runs and connect navimumbai to mahamumbai from Nerul to Uran.

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In the Raigad district, the Dronagiri is a node of Navi Mumbai. It occupies 1,250 hectares of land and is situated at the southernmost point of the Navi Mumbai metropolitan area. we offers the open land proposal in dronagiri fry  you.

Farming and fields near NH 160, Bombay to Ghoti Maharashtra, India

We offer vacant land in Sarde, an Indian village in the Tehsil of Uran of the Raigad District of Navi Mumbai, where you can build anything you like. and invest and get profit within few years.

A look across some of the magnificent farmland of Sicily, Italy.

Purchase a property in Punade and receive high-demanding forthcoming city of Mumbai by investing in open land in Punade in developing area of navi Mumbai suburbs.

An aerial drone photo over the fields and dirt road lanes in the fields during the golden light of the morning.

Indian village Pirkon is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra in the tehsil of Uran. The two most prevalent professions in Pirkon are farming and fishing. If you want a solid return on your investment, you should invest in this area’s open land because there will be a lot more construction there and the price of real estate will soar in the coming years.

Storm developing off of Indian Beach as onlookers watch the rising surf wash against the rock formations.

The town of Uran is on the coast and is a part of Navi Mumbai, which is in the Konkan division of Maharashtra state. We also provide open land there for sale at a reasonable price, making it one of Navi Mumbai’s most sought-after locations.

Residential apartment building and plot houses exterior view during sunset over an urban cityscape in the evening at Gurugram, Haryana, India.

We provide open property with the good position at an affordable price in the most rapidly developing and in-demand neighbourhood of Panvel, which is authorised for sales of open land.

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